The current Kawasaki ER-6n known as the Kawasaki Ninja 650R (with fairing) in India in its current form has been around since 2009. Now though, there is confirmed news of a new Ninja 650R which is shown by the leaked proof of documentation submitted at the U.S. CARB-in. Paperwork that has been submitted to CARB contains data on weight and fuel economy, but sadly does not contain any information about the visual difference. Invite’s popular international journalist’s received hint at the Naked ER-6n and now photographs that have emerged give us a clear look at the 2011 Kawasaki Er-6n.

The technical information in the documents submitted are exactly the same as the current model and that the displacement remains 649 cc, this conclude’s that ER-6n continues to run the same mill as its brother the Er-6f. Expect a official launch by mid October after which we will bring you more on the big question, how soon can we expect to see this in India ? Stay tuned.



  1. Firstly, your info about Ninja 650R being here since 2009 is wrong. It’s Ninja 250R which came in 2009.
    Secondly, you did NOT mention that now the bike is more environmental friendly, though at the cost of more weight and reduced performance…

    • Hi Samarth,

      The Kawasaki Er 6n (the naked one) was introduced in the US only in 2009. While the faired and the naked version has been around since 2006 in certain other markets.
      The news is about the 2011 naked Kawasaki Er-6n that will be launched in October in the US.
      FYI the current generation that is the 4th of the Ninja 250R was introduced in 2008.

      About the second part of your comment let the 2011 motorcycle get launched along with its official specification sheet and we will comment on the aspects that you have mentioned.

    • I see. Well, I closely examined the first sentence, and yes, it is correct, although the I read the second part in isolation with its first part…

      About the 2012 model having environmental changes with more weight and lesser performance, I got that news from here:

      Kawasaki itself proclaims the superior value for money that the 650r/ER6n is, by giving some 6 reasons on its website, so why would they increase its cost by doing more R&D & technical changes on it?
      It’s highly unlikely for it to have performance upgrade, a strong reason being that more horsepower on tap, will result in less fuel economy, lesser low/midrange torque or both.

      Let’s hope the Er6n makes it, although I remember someone from Kawasaki/ Bajaj saying that Kawasaki will only launch bikes from the “Ninja” lineup. And their official Facebook page recently asked a question “Do you like the Z1000?” so Ninja 1000 (Z1000SX) might make it to India, I believe… Let time tell that though.


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