The International JawaYezdi day is celebrated world over in multiple countries. The Bangalore chapter of the JawaYezdi motorcycle club saw a huge participation for the celebrations.

Numbers of participants hovered above the 400 mark and these classics just filled up the Tusker town ground end to end. There were motorcycles from almost every year of manufacture and even some rare and imported ones. Participation included enthusiasts in all age group. The agenda for the day after arranging a massive line up of these timeless beauties was that of felicitating some of the great few men that are associated with these motorcycles from as early as 1964. Top mechanics, tuners & former racers were brought on to stage and many shared interesting stories and memories that they still remember fresh about the motorcycles and how it has changed their lives. After the felicitation, the group of bikers split into two groups, one that head on for ride towards the Kamat hotel on Kolar route and the other headed for the Jawa -Yezdi museum. The sheer volume of participation clearly shows the attachment and importance these many men and women have for their motorcycles. There were even foreign nationals who had also turned up on their Jawa’s and Yezdi’s. The enthusiasts spent a lot of  time going over each bike, understanding the finer details of their fellow bikers and their machines.

The 9th International Jawa – Yezdi day Bangalore 2011 was definitely a huge success and this is just the beginning of many more such events to come. The Yezdi roadking has a lot of history associated with it. It used the best bet for racers at the Sholavaram track and this involved the best tuners and racers of that time. Also another achievement on the Yezdi is that of having a world record, in which Deepak Kamath and G.H.Basavaraj of Bangalore covered 42,038 km over six continents on their Yezdi Roadkingback in 1994 with a riding time of 47 days.

Here is a look at some more photographs from the event:

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