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Mahindra Mojo Desert Trail a success

The Mojo has been a mixed bag for Mahindra even as it is a mixed bag of a motorcycle. What initially was intended as a street fighter evolved into a sports tourer. And surely it has almost all the hallmarks of a promising sport-tourer. Banking on this, the MOJO tribe, a MOJO owners club was founded and supported by Mahindra in order to foster the biking culture amongst the owners and also start honing the Mojo’s image amongst the public through the MOJO tribe. For the year 2016-2017, Mahindra Two Wheelers announced four trails that the MOJO Tribe could conquer – the Mountain, Coastal, Jungle and finally the Mojo Desert trail. These trails would culminate in the MOJO Rising Trail, the annual meet and greet event for the MOJO Tribe.


The very first Mahindra MOJO Desert Trail was flagged off from Jaipur last year on December 17th and ended at Ahmedabad on December 25th after a 2,500 km journey. The riders faced everything from the desert heat and sand of Jaipur and the Rann of Kutch to the chill of Northern India during the two legs of the journey from Jaipur to Bhuj and Bhuj to Ahmedabad. Just a few places that the riders covered were the Sam sand dunes, the Jaisalmer fort, the Longhewala War museum and the Dhordo Tent City. Before conclusion of the trip at Ahmedabad, the riders visited the Haji Pir Dargha, Koteshwar temple and Mandvi beach.

This initiative by Mahindra Two Wheelers to provide unique experiences to their customers is highly laudable and will surely pay great dividends. We can only hope that other manufacturers also start thinking about their customers well after the product has been sold and the profit made. May the Tribe increase!