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Indian Motorcycles announces massive recall

Indian Motorcycles has issued a recall for 18,637 units of its premium cruiser motorcycles. The reason is cited to be probably faulty ignition systems which pose a high risk of fire. The recall covers company’s flagship motorcycles including the Chief Classic, Dark Horse, Chieftain, Roadmaster and Chief Vintage which were manufactured between April 15th 2013, and June 16th 2015.

Indian have clarified the ignition system may lead to the un-burnt fuel getting into the exhaust system during a misfire. This could lead to a potential fire if the exhaust temperature increased beyond a certain level. Indian dealerships abroad have initiated the recall and are updating the ECU software in the affected motorcycles at no cost to the customer. The newer offerings such as the Indian Springfield, Indian Scout and the Scout Sixty are not affected by the recall.

The Indian dealerships here in India haven’t issued a recall yet, but Indian Motorcycles are sold as Completely Built Units or CBUs in our country and hence a recall could be announced soon.

Indian Motorcycles announces massive recall

Indian Motorcycles’ line-up consists of nine models. The Indian Scout and Scout Sixty are the entry level models with the liquid cooled engines which displace 999cc. The Chief Classic and the Chief Dark Horse, the Chief Vintage and the Springfield are proper tourers. The Indian Chieftain and the Chieftain Dark Horse are gabbers. The Roadmaster is their flagship tourer. Top of the line Indian motorcycles are powered by the 1,811cc V-Twin, Thunder Stroke 111 unit which is air-cooled and packs a lot of torque. Indian Motorcycles have witnessed good sales worldwide and are expanding aggressively in India to meet customer demands.