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Video teaser: Honda ADV scooter launch on 30th August

Honda’s new ADV scooter has made an appearance on the internet in the form of an official teaser. As is the case with teasers, only the tiniest details are visible in the fantastically vague video that shows the Honda ADV scooter going over various terrains and through cities, mountain roads and off road. A pleasing snarl from the exhaust is also highly exciting to listen to. The Honda ADV scooter is a blend of a scooter and adventure bike that looks to be capable of both touring and a commuting. A concept version of the Honda ADV scooter called the Honda City Adventure appeared at the Milan Bike show last year. Honda began trademarking potential names for the production scooter, procuring the names ‘ADV’ and ‘X-ADV’. This leads to the speculation that a base model called the ADV and a sportier or more off-road version called the X-ADV may be seen when Honda does launch the scooter.

When the Honda ADV scooter was spotted testing in Rome earlier, an inkling of what to expect from the production model was observable. It turned out that Honda had bestowed even better components on the production ADV scooter than the concept City Adventure. The Honda ADV scooter featured radially mounted front brake calipers instead of the concept’s standard four piston calipers biting down on twin disks. A chrome detailed and up swept exhaust can is visible in the video. The wire wheels reflect the adventure theme with knobby off-road tires on them. The Honda ADV scooter also sports a large windscreen that should be adjustable. The scooter uses some parts from the NC750, like the DCT semi-auto gearbox and the 54hp parallel-twin engine, which will be tuned to be balanced rather than offer outright power.

Honda City Adventure concept

The front appears to be beefy in the video. It will be housing a digital display of some sort which will be multi-functional and could come with some touring oriented hardware such as a USB port and a charging port. A thin horizontal LED tail light is visible and a partial or full LED lighting may be seen up front too. An added plus could be a utility box or storage space which is typical for scooters in addition to possible bags and other forms of external storage. However, it must be noted that the rear seat seems rather thin and small, not enough for comfortable two-up riding across distances.

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