The MotoGP and Formula 1 championships have always been an unspoken rivalry. Although John Surtees united the world of motorbike racing and fast cars in the 1960s when he won titles in both classes, the rivalry has continued. Today, betting experts argue that betting on motorbike racing holds much more promise.

Why is motorsport not interesting for bookmakers?

Each betting club has its own rating of sports disciplines. The first positions are traditionally occupied by football, horse racing betting, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Then come the secondary directions, the first of which is MotoGP. Formula 1 and other motorsport championships are usually at the end of the list.

This state of affairs is due to several factors:

  • Car racing has become predictable. The number of drivers who have made the podium in the last 10 years can be counted on one’s fingers. The championship streak of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen killed the intrigue even at the start of the season. This has a negative impact on the overall odds.
  • Tracks that don’t allow overtaking. In Formula 1 there are fewer and fewer racetracks of classic rank. Organizers are adding new countries where the computer generates the race track. Many races are held almost without overtaking, which reduces the interest of spectators and does not allow bookmakers’ clients to experiment with strategy in live.
  • Over-reliability. In the 80s and 90s, the dominance of one team was not a problem. Fans of motorsport bet on outsiders and second tier teams. It was possible to win at the expense of a trivial series of failures. Sometimes only 3-5 cars reached the finish line. Today technical breakdowns are rare.

The combination of these factors has significantly cooled the interest of bookmakers. The results of most Grands Prix are known in advance, and the huge difference in budgets does not allow the second class teams to challenge the leaders even in the long term.

Why is it profitable to bet on MotoGP?

Motorsport also has its leaders and dominators. However, two-wheel kings don’t sit on the throne for decades. The heat of battle in motorbike Grand Prix races is at an all-time high.

High level of injury risk

Accidents in MotoGP are much more common. And the consequences can be tragic. Only a few incidents happen without injury to the riders. This brings a bit of chaos to the championship and literally blows up the coefficients.

Of course, no one wants to see riders put themselves in danger. But, when one of the leaders flies off the track or several pilots make a mass wreck, the odds in betting clubs start to creep up. Therefore, bettors prefer to register bets on motorbike races live.

High level of competition

Valentino Rossi won a large number of championship titles, but each was given to him in a tight struggle. The Italian was unable to return to the top, although he remained in top form for the rest of his career. This confirms that in MotoGP everyone has a chance to win or at least to fight with the leader.

Motorbike racing helps the experts of the sport to earn money. Some riders, for example, are strong on certain tracks. When a betting client knows this, he can take a justified risk. In addition, if a driver has had an accident at the last round, you should not expect him to fight for victory at the next Grand Prix. The period of psychological rehabilitation can take several weeks.

A large number of newcomers

New names appear in the main motorbike championship much more often than in Formula 1. This plays into the hands of those who like to take risks. Of course, most of the debutants end up at the end of the starting grid, but some manage to immediately impose the fight of the leaders. Bookmakers do not believe in miracles, and therefore overestimate the odds on the results of young drivers.


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