MotoGP is at the summit of motorcycle racing, and it is no surprise that fans worldwide are obsessed with it. The events are held at different tracks across the world, featuring the best racers with prototype bikes showcasing engineering at their best. People go there for various reasons; adrenaline junkies looking for a thrilling racing experience while others want to see the best and fastest bikes in the world.

MotoGP events have had a growing fan base since its introduction back in the late 1940s. The popularity can be attributed to the flashy decorated drivers who many fans love to show their support by wagering on betway that they will carry the day. In most cases, they deliver the prestige history of the sport. But what is it about the sport that captivates audiences worldwide? Let’s take a closer look.

Variable Starting Grid

The qualifying rounds determine the starting grid positions and now it is the most important considering how close in performance all the bikes and riders are. This aspect of the MotoGP sets it apart from other races like Formula 1. Riders compete in qualifying rounds to determine their positions on the grid for sprint races on Saturday and full races on Sunday. To participate in the qualifying rounds, a rider must equal or beat the record set by the fastest racer in the practice rounds. The rider’s time is calculated based on their fastest laps. This makes it hard to predict who will be on the starting grid, making the MotoGP race more thrilling.

MotoGP Aragon 2019 front row HD wallpaper
MotoGP Aragon 2019 front row HD wallpaper

Risk Factor

MotoGP has always been a high-risk, high-reward type of sport, and this has made it a popular sport to bet on betway. Storming off the mark, the race has a high-risk factor with riders quite literally holding on for dear life. The riders are responsible for their and other riders safety while cruising at high speeds. Any mistakes or miscalculations and the riders go flying. It’s always interesting to witness these riders take on the winding and challenging corners. The adrenaline rush itself is something out of this world. Fans worldwide come to bear witness to this great spectacle as riders take on the different challenging tracks and conditions and battle each other.

Closer Racing

MotoGP racing is much closer with frequent overtaking. Riders race inches apart, with some coming into contact in sharp turns. The unpredictability of the race makes it easier for anyone to overtake. You can easily be on the winning side with your betway wager when your favorite rider launches an attack and takes the lead. A slip or a contact can easily change the dynamics of the race. Fortunately, most MotoGP race bikes can take minor tumbles and still be race worthy. It’s all about skill and timing to get a podium finish in the MotoGP event, and fans marvel at such performances.

What’s Next for the Moto GP?

As of 2019, MotoGP introduced a racing category for electric motorcycles. This move aims to promote green energy and showcase engineering at its best. The electric racing category dubbed MotoE will revolutionize the future of racing. Electric bikes are the future, and MotoGP keeps up with the trends.

Final Words

MotoGP has evolved over the years. The growing fanbase is evidence of how interesting the sport is and its great potential in the future. Over the years, we’ve seen great riders showcase their talents. As fans, we attend the events to get an exhilarating experience with emotions and expectations. We hope that moving forward, the experience will never disappoint. We are particularly excited that it is coming to India.


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