Sports betting on racing is not as popular in Poland as football, tennis or basketball. Nevertheless, with the best legal Polish bookmakers it is possible to bet on the results of MotoGP, NASCAR or Formula 1 competitions. Apart from additional income, betting on bookmaking can provide users with a lot of entertainment. Therefore, we have prepared for you a small guide on how to successfully place sports bets on races. We will explain everything using the example of betting on MotoGP results and some additional information you can get from online casino profy.

Where to place sports bets on MotoGP races?

Aleix Espargaro and Aprilia take their first MotoGP win
Aleix Espargaro and Aprilia take their first MotoGP win

As one of the world’s most popular events in the world of motorsport, MotoGP is receiving a lot of attention not only from fans, but also from bookmakers. The discipline is gaining more and more observers and has a good chance of soon catching up with Formula One in terms of furore. It is no wonder that more and more high-end bookmakers in Poland are deciding to add motorsports to their offer.

Finding the right bookmaker is quite a challenge. There are 19 bookmaking companies operating on the Polish market today, with more likely to join the competition soon. 

When reviewing the rankings of the best bookmakers, it is worth paying attention to the diversification of the sports offer. This is because it should be noted that not every company offers bets on MotoGP or NASCAR. Those that do have such options are bookmakers worth testing.

Once you’ve found your bookmaker, check out how to successfully place sports bets on online racing.

How to successfully place sports bets on MotoGP races?

Using the MotoGP competition as an example, let’s take a look at how to successfully place sports bets on motorbike racing. Successful betting is often the result of proper preparation and a lot of analysis. Although one should also not forget about a bit of luck, which can come in handy when preparing betting slips.

Above all, however, it is necessary to learn how the MotoGP betting markets work. This is the first step to understanding how to bet successfully on sports betting. Therefore, let’s take a look at what markets can be found at legitimate Polish bookmakers:

  • Race winner. The most basic type of betting market in MotoGP is to bet on the rider who will win the race. Correctly predicting the winner will mean a win. As an alternative to betting on first place only, you can also bet on the podium. In this case it is assumed that the rider in question will take one of the top three places. 
  • Season winner. In MotoGP sports betting, it is also possible to bet on the rider who will become champion in the current year. It is a good idea to place a long-term bet before the start of the competition series, when the odds are highest. Their values may change over the course of the season.
  • Live betting. The best bookmakers in Poland may also offer live betting on events. In this case, you bet on the competition as it is taking place. It is worth combining this type of game with watching the race coverage, which will make it much easier to make the right decisions.

The above markets are typical forms of betting found in MotoGP betting. At the same time, it should be noted that similar bets also apply to other motorsports. Now that you know what you can bet on, you can move on to discuss your betting strategy.

How to bet on MotoGP according to strategy?

Let’s not hide it: successfully placing sports bets on MotoGP is not easy. The key factor in betting of this type is the knowledge that there are no certainties. Any sporting event (regardless of the sport) can go wrong. Even more so when it comes to races as exciting and fast as MotoGP.

Many motorsport fans choose to take risks and place sports bets to try and win extra money. Is it actually possible to get rich on bookmaking? A lot depends on your personal attitude, as well as proper preparation.

The MotoGP betting strategy should be built on extensive analysis. At the same time, it is important to bear in mind that even the best analyses cannot 100% guarantee success. Nevertheless, the study of sports factors is a key element.

It is worth answering the following questions before making a betting decision on MotoGP:

  • Has a particular rider had any problems in previous races of the series? 
  • Perhaps a particular rider only needs one more win to reach the championship?
  • How do particular riders perform at a particular race track?

Based on knowledge from previous events, but also from past years, far-reaching conclusions can be drawn. Based on these, it is easier to make the right decisions that translate into successful betting. It is even worth taking each race apart, checking all the statistics as well as the news.

If you come across tips on how to bet effectively on sports, keep them in mind as well. Not every strategy is effective, although it’s worth checking out the different insights into MotoGP racing.

The following elements should also be kept in mind when placing bets:

  • Weather – can thwart even the best riders.
  • Bookmakers’ odds – compare the odds changes at several bookmakers to find where it is most profitable to play.
  • Training and qualifying – form from trial runs may or may not translate into final competition results.

With all of the above tips in mind, you can try to bet effectively on motorsports betting.


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