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Harley-Davidson Sportster S – an all new sport custom

Harley-Davidson Sportster S HD wallpaper
Harley-Davidson Sportster S HD wallpaper

The Harley-Davidson Sportster S model is an all-new sport custom motorcycle designed to deliver a thrilling riding experience and ushers in a new era of Sportster performance. According to Harley, the 121-horsepower Revolution Max 1250T V-Twin engine will give the Sportster S rider unrelenting, on-demand torque while the lightweight chassis and premium suspension will deliver responsive, intuitive handling. An addition to the 2021 Harley-Davidson motorcycle line, the Sportster S will reach Harley-Davidson dealers (international) this year at a price of $14,999.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S key specifications

  • 1252 cc Revolution Max 1250T V-Twin engine
  • 121 HP @ 7,500 rpm
  • 127 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
  • 6 speed
  • 93 mm ground clearance
  • 734 mm seat height
  • 160/70TR17 73V front tyre Dunlop GT503
  • 180/70R16 77V rear tyre Dunlop GT503
  • 11.8 l tank
  • 4.5 l engine oil capacity
  • 228 kg kerb weight
  • 4 inch TFT screen
Harley-Davidson Sportster S HD wallpaper
Harley-Davidson Sportster S HD wallpaper

The 1250cc Revolution Max 1250T engine is the mechanical heart of the Sportster S model. This new version of the latest Harley-Davidson liquid-cooled V-Twin engine is tuned to make tremendous torque at low RPM, with a torque curve that stays flat through the powerband – engine performance designed to deliver strong acceleration from a start with robust power through the mid-range. To minimize overall motorcycle weight the engine is integrated into the vehicle as the central member of the chassis. The use of lightweight materials helps achieve a desirable power-to-weight ratio. Ready to ride with the 3.1-gallon fuel tank topped off, the Sportster S model weighs just 502 pounds. A high-mount 2-into-1-into-2 exhaust is designed to produce a pleasing low-frequency tone.

The Sportster S model is equipped with a host of technologies designed to the enhance the riding experience. Three pre-programmed, selectable Ride Modes (Sport, Road and Rain) electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle, and the level of technology intervention. Two Custom modes may be used by the rider to create a set of performance characteristics to meet personal preference or for special situations. Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson, a collection of technologies intended to enhance rider confidence during unexpected situations or adverse road conditions, are designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking, in a straight line or while in a turn.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S handlebar tft screen
Harley-Davidson Sportster S handlebar tft screen

A round, 4.0-inch-diameter TFT screen displays all instrumentation and supports infotainment generated by the rider’s Bluetooth-equipped mobile device and helmet headset, including music, incoming and out-going calls, and navigation supplied by the Harley-Davidson App. All-LED lighting includes a Daymaker Signature LED headlamp designed to produce a homogenous spread of light, eliminating distracting “hot spots.” The headlamp has a distinctive oval or capsule shape that adds style to the front end and will identify the Sportster S model to other riders and motorists.

“The Sportster S is the next all-new motorcycle built on the Revolution Max platform and sets a new performance standard for the Sportster line,” said Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO, Harley-Davidson. “This is a next generation Sportster defined by power, performance, technology and style. And it’s part of our commitment to introduce motorcycles that align with our strategy to increase desirability and to drive the legacy of Harley-Davidson.”



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