Okinawa has discontinued its lead-acid products and will be focusing on the lithium-ion versions only. The startup began its journey with the lead-acid scooter Okinawa Ridge and launched 4 lead -acid scooters in the span of 03 years. Gradually, the brand introduced the lithium-ion detachable battery-equipped e-scooter versions which received an overwhelming response as it is better technology and also addresses the charging problem for the users.

Since inception, Okinawa has retailed over 34,000+ units of lead acid-based products in India. All in all, the brand has sold over 74,500+ units and plans to target selling around 90,000 units by the fiscal end.

“We are shifting to 100 percent lithium-ion battery pack based two-wheelers. When we launched the brand, lead acid was the most advanced option available in the market. Now with rigorous growth of the industry and the brand, we have taken a step ahead and have discontinued lead-acid battery pack-based products. Not only will Okinawa products be equipped with lithium-ion battery packs offering efficiency, but they will also come with detachable batteries ensuring convenience to the users,” said Mr. Jeetender Sharma- MD and Founder, Okinawa.

Okinawa Praise
Okinawa Praise

The brand has always been motivated towards technological innovations. The scooters by Okinawa is equipped with indigenously developed IPs like a detachable lithium-ion battery, microprocessor controller, permanent magnet BLDC motor. Okinawa intends to build technological solutions in line with the users’ demand.


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