Nexzu Mobility has ventured into the e-bicycles space as part of its product expansion plan. The brand has launched 3 new e-cycles – Roadlark, Aello, and Rompus. The cutting-edge e-cycles offer a superior riding experience along with unparalleled comfort. All 3 e-cycles are fitted with 26” nylon tires that offer robust suspension that makes for a smooth and safe ride. With a BLDC 250W 36V motor, they deliver an impressive mileage in pedelec as well as throttle mode. A durable steel alloy frame and a high-grade foam cushion make the e-bicycles perfect for personal as well as business use.

Nexzu Mobility’s e-cycles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that have an average life cycle of 750 charges. These convenient and environmentally-friendly vehicles can be fully charged in just 3-4 hours.

Speaking on the new offerings, Pankaj Tiwari, Business Head, Nexzu Mobility, said, “As the famous saying goes, simplicity is the best sophistication. The heart of EV adoption lies in a shift away from heavy mechanical aid which relies on non-renewable sources of energy. As one of the simplest machines, e-cycles best represent the essence of the worldwide EV drive. With this launch, our aim is to boost the adoption of e-cycles in India which will benefit not only the environment but also the personal health of our customers.”

Nexzu Mobility Rompus e bicycle
Nexzu Mobility Rompus e bicycle

Here’s a look at the individual specifications of the 3 models:

Roadlark: With 5.2Ah + 8.8 Ah lithium-ion double batteries fitted in-frame and at the rear, the Roadlark offers an impressive speed of 25km/hr. In its pedelec mode, the e-cycle delivers a mileage of 65 km per charge whereas in throttle mode the mileage is 55km per charge. It comes with a disc brake and 10 reflectors for superlative safety while riding. The Roadlark is available in a vibrant blue shade.

Aello: The Aello, Nexzu’s state-of-the art unisex e-cycle, comes fitted with an 8.8 Ah rear detachable lithium-ion battery. It offers a 45 km mileage per charge in pedelec mode and 38 km per charge in throttle mode. It is equipped with a front V and rear drum brake. Aello is available in yellow, red and violet variants.

Rompus: The final offering in the e-cycle segment, Rompus boasts a 5.2Ah lithium-ion battery which is placed in-frame. The mileage offered by the vehicle is 25 km in pedelec mode and 20 km in throttle mode. It has a disc brake and is available in a dynamic black color.


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