ECE certification which is regarded as one of the most advanced standards of safety for helmets, recently announced new safety provisions under which one has to undergo various impact tests in order to receive the certification. Sandhar Amkin, one of the leading two-wheeler auto accessory manufacturers announced today they will be manufacturing new helmets under the revised ECE 22.06 regulations which focus on stricter guidelines to provide safer helmets.

Mavox Helmets is the youngest Indian helmet manufacturer to receive ECE certification for its helmet Mavox FX 30 Max earlier last year. The company now plans to manufacture more helmets complying with ECE 22.06 regulations as and when they are applicable.

ECE Certification refers to the regulation and testing parameters under which products are manufactured under various criteria like the toughness of the material, technology, safety measures involved, etc. to ensure the quality standards meet the safety requirement. Under the new regulation, a product has to undergo 18 safety tests to determine the safety of the product. Also, the new proposed revision to existing ECE specifications will also add new checks and design criteria, such as additional reflectivity, rotational test, modular helmets double code (P/J), new speed and limit for high and low energy impact, oblique impact test method to measure rotational acceleration, the introduction of new possible extra impact points and high-speed particle test to verify the performance of visor. Along with the previous measures like free-fall tests from a fixed height, the retention system test attached with fastened chin strap, a test that measures foam absorption and for reliable protection. The strap buckle system is tested for abrasion resistance.

Mr. Ayyushman Mehta, MD, Sandhar Amkin Mavox Helmets said, “Mavox is continuously focusing on improving the safety standards of all helmets that we manufacture. We intend to work aggressively on the production of our helmets to ensure we meet industry norms of quality and safety. We are focused on securing ECE Certification for our entire product range.”


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