Even as India is in global fight against pandemic, 1st April 2020 gets recorded as a defining moment in Indian Automotive Industry journey as it moves nation-wide to BS VI Emission Norms, from BS IV, by skipping BS V Emission Norms, altogether.

This transition has been four year ahead of the first plan of Government of India in 2014, wherein it was proposed to move to BS VI in the year 2024. While the resolve of our mighty nation is currently under test, unflinching commitment and combined efforts of Indian Auto Industry only has made BS VI migration a reality against all odds.

Emission Norms of these new vehicles are now at par with Europe, meeting one of the most stringent emission norms globally. In fact, the emission norms of all models of Two-Wheelers in India is ahead of Europe (2021) and Japan (2022), and India is the First country across the world, to adopt this level of emission norms. More than 1,000 models and variants of BS IV were to be developed to BS VI Emission Norms in just 3 years, and the industry in the process is investing to the tune of Rs 70,000 Crores for this achievement.


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