We were invited to Navi Mumbai recently to ride the 2020 Honda Activa 6G BS6 and Honda said there are plenty of new features and changes that we should look forward to. So, off we went and here is what we think about the new 2020 Honda Activa 6G BS6 ready scooter.

First of all the engine, the new Honda Activa 6G gets power from the same 110cc engine which is BS6 compliant now and also is fuel injected. Even though there is a marginal decrease in power and torque figures the engine is very refined now. All thanks to the fuel injection system, the engine clearly feels more peppier and smoother than before, the refinement stayed intact even though we pushed it towards the top. In terms of top speed, the scooter managed to hit a maximum of 85 kmph during our ride and Honda claims a 10 percent increase in fuel efficiency with this updated BS6 engine.

In terms of styling, the 2020 Honda Activa 6G gets a redesigned front apron, revised LED headlamp, and some tweaks to the rear. The side panels also gets some minor changes as well to keep up with the rehashed styling. The Activa 6G looks quite similar with the Activa 125 in design from some angles. The scooter gets the all-LED headlamp, but this feature is only available in the Deluxe version. The standard variant only gets a DC halogen unit.

Another important change is that the scooter now gets conventional telescopic forks up front, so the Activa 6G now feels more planted at high speeds and it helped us to ride over potholes and broken surfaces with better comfort and the impact transferred to the rider over uneasy roads was very less. In city traffic, the Activa 6G continues to feel very easy to handle and to maneuver. Also, the new Activa 6G now has a bigger 12-inch front wheel.

The instrument cluster is now simpler looking with a PGM-Fi badging and the small digital screen that used to come on older versions is absent on the new model.

Honda Activa 6G instrument meter console
Honda Activa 6G instrument meter console

Dimensions wise, the new Honda Activa 6G has a longer wheelbase compared to the older versions, the wheelbase of the scooter has increased by 22 mm and the ground clearance is increased by 18 mm. The leg space of the scooter is also increased by 23 mm which should make it more comfortable for taller riders.

Honda Activa, for the first time, gets an engine kill switch in its 6G Avatar, moreover, the scooter now gets silent start technology, that is while you thumb the electric starter, all you hear is just the sound of the engine and nothing else and it works like it has been advertised with very minimal jerk and sound.

Honda Activa 6G start and engine kill switch
Honda Activa 6G start and engine kill switch

Another interesting change in the new Activa 6G is an external fuel filling cap which makes the fuel filling more convenient for the rider. It can be opened with the help of a multifunction switch located right next to the ignition. The under seat storage also can be opened from the same switch.

Coming to the braking department the scooter continues to get 130 mm drum brakes at both ends and a CBS (Combined Braking System) is retained as standard for better braking and avoid chances of skidding. Even though the front and rear offer decent feedback, we wish the bite at the front as a bit more better, it would have made the overall braking performance better and would be very handy during panic braking. A front disc would have made it perfect.

These changes certainly make the new Activa 6G a better and more well-rounded package in our opinion, we will give you a more detailed review once we get the scooter for detailed road review.


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