India Yamaha has announced the new “Yamaha Lifetime Quality Care” program from October 2019. The all new “Yamaha Lifetime Quality Care” program can be availed by both existing and new Yamaha two wheeler customers for the whole range of current two wheelers offered by the company in the domestic market.

The newly announced program will further improve customer experiences with the brand through a “one stop maintenance solution”. The company will offer three-fangled service commitment – time-based service that is, 90 minutes’ of vehicle service time, service quality, by deploying professionally trained Yamaha technicians and service care including roadside assistance, extended warranty, pick and drop and annual maintenance contracts (AMC). While time-based commitment can bring methodical servicing and precision, expert technicians cultivating their technical skills under Yamaha’s global pedigree will offer finest solutions to the challenges of servicing, repairs and maintenance. Alongside, service care will match the experiences of the customers with The Yamaha Uniqueness in such a way that the excitement and sportiness of the Yamaha two wheelers remain fresh and invigorating, thus driving the whole Yamaha experience to come in full circles.

Yamaha R15 V3 HD wallpapers
Yamaha R15 V3 HD wallpapers

Mr Ravinder Singh, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Planning, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd. said, “The impact of after sales in auto industry is central to the customer perception of the brand – more the hassle free experience, more the brand will linger on to the minds of customers. Yamaha is a brand of unique experiences. As Yamaha introduced amazing excitement in the two wheeler market with The Call of the Blue, it is equally now substantial for the company to retain and improve the experiences of every customer. ‘Yamaha Lifetime Quality Care’ is brazen in The Yamaha Uniqueness to adequately maintain the similar performance and sportiness in the customers’ Yamaha two wheelers year after year from the time of purchase. The whole program is designed to identify, diagnose and offer optimum maintenance to the Yamaha two wheelers. Yamaha will begin to roll out YAMAHA LIFETIME QUALITY CARE plans to the existing and new customers based on their usage patterns and choices from October 2019 onwards.”


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