Getting out on a solo motorcycle trip is fun and easy. Going in a group is a whole other story. This would need coordination, compromises, understanding each other and the likes. If you are all set to get on the two-wheeler and go for that long-awaited road trip with your friends, here are some ideas to help you in the process! 


  • Choose a leader 

The first and the most important idea in a motorcycle group riding trip is to select a leader. This person would be engaged in setting the direction and the pace of the journey. In addition, they should be well-aware of the shortcomings of each of the riders such that they can handle critical situations well. It would be best to choose someone calm, level-headed and logical. 

  • Keep a sweep rider 

Very similar to the previous point, a sweep rider is one who stays at the back of the group and keeps an eye on everyone. Essentially, selecting a sweep rider would mean this person is experienced in motorcycle road trips and can monitor accidents and mechanical failures from the back. 

  • Stick together

 This is one of the first things to keep in mind while going out on a motorcycle group ride trip. When you are out on unknown territories with a group of people, it is best to stay together in the group such that you do not get lost. To further stay connected with your group, you could choose to go with Bluetooth motorcycle helmets which have GPS navigation control system integrated into them.

What are possible situations when the group can be separated? Traffic lights! Sometimes, the first few riders might be able to get out before the light turns red while the others get stuck on the red light. This would mean there is a significant distance between the two groups. Waiting it out till all the riders are in one place would be a good idea. 

  • Staggered formation 

Riding in a staggered formation could help you avert accidents and also stay together. What does actually refer to? For instance, the leader of the pack rides in front, on the left. The second rider rides behind him on the right. The next rider stays on the left and this goes on. Everyone will be in the line of sight of the sweep rider and the trip will be a successful one! 

  • Maintain a distance from other vehicles 

Riding through crowded groups while maintaining your group together could be quite a challenge! You stand the chance of banging against other vehicles leading to accidents. The best possible method would be to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and people such that there are no unnecessary encounters. 

  • Communicate with the riders 

Maintaining constant communication amongst the riders is important. This helps maintain the parity and unity in the group. This could be indicating to take a rest stop or changing the direction of the trip and the likes. But how do you convey any message to the other riders in a noisy environment? The idea is simple. Use hand movements, signals and gestures to communicate and stay on the same page! 


Use the tips that we mentioned above and have an adventurous motorcycle group ride! 

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.


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