Hero Electric has announced its collaboration with the Government of Punjab to support and develop the EV infrastructure in the state. The E2W brand will work in conjunction with the government to attract existing and potential players to invest in the state as part of their e-mobility vision. Through this partnership, the state aims at appealing to manufacturers to not just make in India but, make in Punjab. Hero Electric recently announced an investment of INR 700 crore in its R&D, model portfolio, dealer network, localization and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ludhiana.

Hero Electric has played a major role in India’s goal towards electric mobility and has been an integral part in appealing people to adopt a zero-emission and eco-friendly way of life. As a part of this partnership with the Punjab government, Hero Electric wants to further strengthen its role as a leader in the space by investing in Punjab to develop the state as the EV Hub of India.

The Government of Punjab has proactively encouraged electric mobility and development of infrastructure with lucrative incentives and other beneficial schemes for ease of business, which has helped in the growth of the overall E2W industry. Punjab offers net GST reimbursement for 7 years up to 100% FC, employment subsidy of up to INR 48,000 per year for 5 years and being one of the most well-connected states in India it also offers ease of logistics amongst others, which make it appealing to the existing as well as potential electric vehicle manufacturers. Additionally, Punjab has robust connectivity and proximity to OEM Clusters in NCR, Haryana and Rajasthan, which account for 60% of India’s total production of two-wheeler segment. This will further help in making driving down the transportation costs of the existing and new businesses.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric said “When I look back, I realize that it was the right decision to set up our first plant in Ludhiana, Punjab. The state has always supported us in all our endeavors, and we have found the right partner in them. The fact that has always enabled Punjab to be ahead of other states, is the its readiness to embrace and promote e-mobility in the state and the number of incentives offered to attract investment from existing and new businesses. I am sure, Hero Electric and the state of Punjab can together make a considerable difference and lead the e-mobility in the country.”

Hero Electric recently announced the commencement of its #CodeGreen campaign to highlight the importance of e-mobility in the conservation of environment. CODE GREEN aims to celebrate the users of Zero Emission, Zero Fuel, Hero Electric Scooter and be seen as the Hero they are and what better way to stand out than be seen sporting your contribution in a crowd full of grey and black. Under this umbrella campaign, Hero Electric also inaugurated its green helmet initiative and handed over green helmets to the proud owners of Hero Electric e-scooters, the ‘Eco Heroes’ – ambassadors for clean and green mobility. The brand plans to drive this message further and promote #CodeGreen by partnering up with media houses, government and environment evangelists to spread the benefits and use-case for electric vehicles in India through various on-ground and digital activities.

Hero Electric will continue to innovate in this space and lead electric mobility in the country. Hero Electric plans to take the 615 touchpoints presently to 1000 by end of 2020 and make the brand accessible even in the most interior parts of the country. The company has aggressive investment plans in the next three years to ramp up production capacity of its electric scooters to 5 lakh units annually, with a focus on low-speed scooters for last mile connectivity.


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