1. 5 kg lighter engine, a newly developed 4-cylinder in-line based on the S 1000 RR with further optimised mid-range power and ridability as well as new transmission gradation for the 4th – 6th gear.
  2. Superior performance and torque: 121 kW (165 hp) at 11,000 rpm and 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm.
  3. Effort-saving, linear torque curve: even better ridability over the entire speed range.
  4. Newly developed suspension featuring Flex Frame, with the engine taking on a more pronounced load-bearing function.
  5. Significantly improved ergonomics due to Flex Frame.
  6. Dynamic ESA as standard plus Dynamic ESA Pro with two damping modes (Road, Dynamic) and automatic load compensation as ex-works options.
  7. New 19% lighter swinging arm with directly articulated suspension strut for an even more sensitive response.
  8. Dynamic brake assistant DBC Dynamic Brake Control.
  9. Weight reduction by 10 kg to 226 kg (adjusted for equipment) as compared to the predecessor model.
  10. New, lighter exhaust system, EU5-compliant.
  11. New 6-axis sensor cluster.
  12. Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard.
  13. DTC Wheelie Function as standard.
  14. Engine drag torque control MSR and engine brake function as standard.
  15. ABS Pro for increased safety when braking, also in banking position, as standard. Dedicated rain braking mode with flat brake pressure gradient.
  16. Four riding modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” as standard.
  17. Hill Start Control Pro as standard.
  18. HP Shift Assistant Pro for quick up and down shifting without clutch as an ex-works option.
  19. Electronic cruise control as an ex works option.
  20. New instrument cluster with 6.5-inch, easy-to-read TFT screen and four screen displays.
  21. LED light units all round.
  22. Turn indicators with new “Comfort Indicator” function.
  23. Adaptive turning light incl. DRL as part of Headlight Pro as an ex-works option.
  24. Completely redesigned bodywork for an even more dynamic design style, optimised aerodynamics and even further enhanced wind and weather protection.
  25. Two colour schemes for the market launch: Ice Grey and Racing Red/White Aluminium (extra charge).


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