About Us - the IAMABIKER team

About Us

The dream to contribute to the world of motorcycles saw us start IAMABIKER in 2010. While most definitely not the first with the idea, we definitely were the first to take things to the next level. Our passion driven work ethics with stringent quality checks truly struck a chord with the motorcycling enthusiasts across India and across the globe. Huge volume of interactions on all our website and social-media channels are standing proof to the same. With this steady exponential growth, we set out to explore on even further ways to provide quality content for our massive amount of followers.

Internet being ‘the’ platform for outreach in this age, we started off by getting the latest from the world of motorcycles through to our followers; providing high quality content and ensuring an open and unbiased method of function saw us go viral in the segment. We went on to do reviews, exclusive shoots, videos and several other online activities including contests, showcasing groups and bikers with a variety of talent from across India. All these activities added immense value to the Indian motorcycling community.

It was now time to go offline, connect to our bikers live, and give back something in return.

Our pioneer model of motorcycle education saw us reach out to thousands and encouraged them to do DIY’s on their machines. This educational channel also served as a good source to reach out and promote safe and sensible riding amongst the youth. It was now time to go even bigger. Auto Shows, Automotive Photography exhibitions and hosting customer outreach events for auto manufacturers got added to the list of things we do.

The wheels keep churning, and we constantly look forward to raise the bar even higher. Motorcycles was, is and will forever remain our true motivation and we will forever long aspire to showcase them in the way it deserves to be done.