Ducati Testastretta DVT

Ducati Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) announced

By: Motorcycle NewsDesk   On: 17 Oct 2014

Ducati presents the first motorcycle engine with variable timing of both the intake and exhaust camshafts. Named Ducati Testastretta DVT, Desmodromic Variable Timing, Ducati’s […]

Honda PGM-FI – Programmed Fuel Injection explained

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 29 Mar 2013

Can you name the first production Honda motorcycle to feature electronic fuel injection technology? If you identified the 1982 CX500TC Turbo, give yourself a […]

BMW’s Dynamic Damping Control explained

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 15 Dec 2012

2012 will be remembered for a lot technological innovations in the motorcycling field. An important change was that these technological advancements started becoming part […]

Dainese D-Air Street – The next level in motorcycle rider airbags

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 31 Mar 2012

Airbags have, for years, been a just-over-the-horizon technology promising to massively elevate impact protection. Top-level road racers are just now taking advantage of the […]

BOSCH introduces tilt angle sensor for motorcycles

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 28 Nov 2011

The motorcycle ’tilt angle detecting sensor’ is not something that’s entirely new. Owners of Aprilia and BMW’s superbikes are lucky enough to have it […]

‘O2 Pursuit’ the bike that runs on compressed air

By: Tj   On: 02 Nov 2011

The excessive CO2 problem has seen sparked a wild fire in search for a solution amongst engineers and innovators alike, from the absolute bizarre to some […]

48V Electric Supercharger from Controlled Power Technologies

By: pavanhotshot   On: 05 Oct 2011

The 16th Annual Supercharging conference was held last week at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany. Many interesting new developments in the critically […]

Video: Bosch Motorcycle ABS

By: Varun   On: 26 Jul 2011

Previous ABS systems were based on passenger-car technology, making them too large to be installed in smaller motorcycles. That was when Bosch came into […]

BMW Motorrad introduces Dynamic Damping Control

By: Prashanth   On: 05 Jul 2011

BMW has developed a new technology in motorcycles which automatically adjusts the suspension system to different road conditions. This new system called the Dynamic […]

Repsol Honda Riders now use Alpinestars Airbag System!

By: Avin   On: 29 Apr 2011

                    The first time we heard about airbag-equipped racing suits used by MotoGP riders was […]

The Wave Disk Generator

By: Avin   On: 13 Apr 2011

The prototype gasoline engine that requires no transmission, crankshaft, pistons, valves, fuel compression, cooling systems or fluids! Anything in the auto world and we are […]