Team RPM – featured stunt team December 2013

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 07 Dec 2013

Motorcycle stunt teams are now an accepted breed in India and a lot of young men and women are boldly challenging the limits. With […]

Team Rubber Smokin’ Angels – featured stunt team September 2013

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 24 Sep 2013

Team RSA is probably one of the first teams that came together to take a serious stand in the Indian motorcycling scene. From stunting […]

Team Balance Point – featured stunt team August 2013

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 20 Aug 2013

If you are regular here you might remember these guys, we had spent an evening photographing them about the same time last year and […]

XDL India – Everything you need to know

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 19 Aug 2013

The XDL Championship is one that needs no introduction, but with it soon making its entry into this part of the world there are […]

Let India know they were not stunters – a stunter speaks out

By: Motorcycle NewsDesk   On: 01 Aug 2013

The following article has been written by Ashish Ranjan. He is the team coordinator and graphics designer for the stunt team Throttlerz who are the official […]

ICON Bike vs Car drift battle version 3: Driftpocalypse

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 04 Jul 2013

The Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle series in association with ICON and Monster Energy is  back! The third video in the series is named ‘The […]

Anam Hashim – Featured Stunter June 2013

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 04 Jun 2013

Last month we featured Ekta Pannalal who is currently burning rubber in the mideast of our vast country, this month features yet another lady […]

Ekta Pannalal – Featured Stunter May 2013

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 05 May 2013

The world of motorcycle stunting in India has changed dramatically in the past few years. With a more widespread acceptance of this particular skill […]

Kawasaki ZX-10R versus Alfa Romeo MiTo

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 07 Feb 2013

The MiTO SBK Limited Edition and the Mito Superbike Special series was first show cased last year at the Paris Motor Show by Alfa […]

Rok Bagoros South America tour video

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 17 Jan 2013

2012 was a really stunning year for Rok Bagoros — a factory KTM stunt rider on KTM Duke 125/200 and Duke 690. All came […]

Worlds fastest stoppie at 150 miles per hour

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 30 Dec 2012

A lot of people dedicate their life’s to getting their names into the Guinness World of Records and stunt rider Jesse Toler has been […]

Rok Bagoros coming to India

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 26 Dec 2012

If you follow the stunt world keenly then stunt rider Rok Bagoros needs no introduction, for those of you who do not know, he […]