Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission explained

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 06 Apr 2013

What is a Dual Clutch Transmission? The Dual Clutch Transmission is Honda’s most advanced automatic transmission system for motorcycles. Its layout and manual-like feel […]

3M Bike Care products for India

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 26 May 2012

3M the global giant with a portfolio of products that suits your every need, is all set to enter the two wheeler segment with […]

CroftgateUSA India by MadCustoms

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 29 Apr 2012

Eco-friendly, affordable, easy to use, innovative and efficient. These words best describe the exclusive range of waterless motorcycle and car wash products from CroftgateUSA […]

Engine cooling explained

By: Rohan   On: 10 Oct 2011

The engine, the power house and the heart of the motorcycle. Engines convert Chemical energy basically fuel like petrol, diesel etc into heat energy […]

Tyre: Basics that you must know

By: Rohan   On: 08 Oct 2011

The tyre, A rubber hoop that covers the wheel. A crucial part of a machine with a variety of parts working together in harmony […]

Tyre: How to choose the right tyre

By: Rohan   On: 06 Oct 2011

People are fascinated by big tyres and a lot of us out there judge the beauty of a motorcycle by its tyre size. Do […]

Riding position 101

By: Rohan   On: 06 Oct 2011

You are all geared up, you slot the key into ignition and straddle your steed. You push the starter button and hear the engine […]

Secondhand bike buying tips

By: Iceman   On: 22 Sep 2011

For sure you would have heard stories from people who have bought second hand bikes about how they got cheated or about how there […]

HID’s (High Intensity Discharge) explained

By: BikerSuz   On: 19 Sep 2011

Introduction to HID’s: HID is an acronym for High Intensity Discharge. HID is a more efficient way of producing light than the conventional filament-based […]

Tips to improve bike / motorcycle mileage

By: Ninja   On: 07 Sep 2011

Its not rocket science, but quite simply put there are things that you can do to get better mileage/efficiency out of your bike. Simple and […]

How to prepare for your first track day

By: Ninja   On: 07 Sep 2011

The track, probably the only place where a biker goes down on one knee. Its the perfect sport, winding loops, fast corners and insane […]

Guide to riding safe during rains

By: Iceman   On: 07 Sep 2011

Eventually one day regardless of how much planning, you end up caught off guard and end up riding in the rain, or maybe like […]