Chris Pfeiffer’s Special Stunt for 100000 Akrapovic fans

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 17 Dec 2012

If there is one stunt icon that everybody looks up to, it is none other that Chris Pfeiffer. Chris and his iconic F800R BMW […]

Chris Pfeiffer to perform in Europe and US in 2012

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 13 Apr 2012

Legendary stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer will be appearing at some of Europe’s biggest and best shows this year. Having started 2012 is style with […]

Chris Pfeiffer performs at Mission Impossible Premiere

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 18 Dec 2011

Chris Pfeiffer one of those few people who can entertain crowds of all ages with his incredible stunt displays on his BMW F800R, but […]


By: Avin   On: 19 May 2011

Chris Pfeiffer never stops to amaze us, having performed in 60 countries now we think there is no way he’s is stopping till he […]

Chris Pfeiffer 2011 @ Bangalore

By: Avin   On: 25 Apr 2011

A short trailer of bigger things to come! 🙂

Chris Pfeiffer explains a Stoppie!

By: Avin   On: 15 Apr 2011

Another video in the same series where CP explains how to perform a successful stoppie.

Chris Pfeiffer explains a wheelie!

By: Avin   On: 15 Apr 2011

  A short video released by BMW of CP giving points on how to successfully pull off a wheelie and maintain it.