BMW C evolution scooter concept explained

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 28 Jul 2012

There have been drastic changes in the requirements for individual mobility concepts, in particular for conurbations. More than ever before, individual mobility is defined […]

The BMW R10 scooter prototype from 1950

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 20 May 2012

While everyone’s talking about the new C600 Sport and C650GT Maxi-Scooters from BMW Motorrad, we thought we’d take a moment to show you the […]

BMW C600 Sport and C650GT pricing announced

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 08 Feb 2012

BMW has announced pricing for the new maxi-scooters arriving in German dealerships next month. The suggested retail price is 11,100 Euros for the C600 Sport and […]

BMW F 600 C 650 Sport and GT debut at EICMA

By: Manohar   On: 17 Nov 2011

Like every serious two wheel manufacturer, BMWs at this year’s EICMA brought in two new maxi scooters, the BMW F 600 C 650 Sport and GT. The […]