Motorcycle racing - Lorenzo Iannone crash

Life lessons Motorcycle Racing teaches you

By: Arpith Chidanand   On: 21 Jun 2016

The irony of human life is that we squander the present examining memories of the past or imagining the happenings of the future, and […]

best bike motorcycle for india

The motorcycle that India needs right now!

By: Avin   On: 05 Dec 2014

Motorcycles to me has opened up a life and lifestyle that aligns perfectly with all I ever wanted to do, explore and experiment. These […]

[email protected] by Pruthwik Janamatti

By: Motorcycle News Desk   On: 05 Oct 2013

Hi, I’m Pruthwik Janamatti, a Bangalore based rider or rather, I used to be. I’m a little nervous, a little hopeful and extremely excited […]

Let India know they were not stunters – a stunter speaks out

By: Motorcycle NewsDesk   On: 01 Aug 2013

The following article has been written by Ashish Ranjan. He is the team coordinator and graphics designer for the stunt team Throttlerz who are the official […]

Saddle Sore 1600 – the mental game

By: Motorcycle NewsDesk   On: 15 Jun 2013

The following article has been sent in by Rohan Ganachari. He is a young, motivated, quick learning and enthusiastic biker who is very active […]

The two types of motorcyclists !

By: Iceman   On: 21 Mar 2012

Cuddles. That was her name. She was 7 years old when I was 10. And she used to glare at me, even at that […]

Apples & oranges, Bikes & ???

By: Neil   On: 11 Oct 2011

It so happened that the day was filled with instances of comparisons in different shapes and forms and in the most unexpected of places. […]

The 1 lac debate

By: Neil   On: 11 Oct 2011

The first part of the set of question that everybody (and I really mean everybody) has been asking me since the day I got […]

Motorcycling in India: Where do I stand?

By: Motorcycle NewsDesk   On: 28 Jun 2011

The following article has been sent in by Ajay Manohar, He is a avid biker currently based out of Bangalore and is a proud […]

Why do I Ride? Words from a bikers heart

By: Avin   On: 08 Jun 2011

Couple of days back a close friend of mine told me that by the time you are thirty, freedom means a lot more than […]