Its not rocket science, but quite simply put there are things that you can do to get better mileage/efficiency out of your bike. Simple and regular checks can go a long way to ensure that you go that extra mile.

The usual culprits:

-Low tyre pressure: Yes, this can bring down your mileage by a good 10-15%. So always remember to maintain the right tyre pressure on your bike.

-Loose chain: This directly effects the total energy transferred from engine to tyre with a lot of losses. Maintain the right amount of chain slack and lubrication.

-Bad fuel: Do make sure you fill up at good trusted petrol stations

-Badly tuned engine: Carburetor tuning is a tough job to get perfect, but the better it is done the better your chances of good mileage. The air fuel ratio has to be just right. Suggest that you get this done by a trusted and experienced mechanic.

Further tips:

-Fuel efficiency is largely dependent on your riding style. Hard acceleration all the time and you can end up with a bad average. 

-Switch off engines during long traffic signals

-When you know there is a signal up front or that you have to stop in short distance, no point accelerating up to it and braking hard.

-Use your brakes strategically, you always do not need to brake to slow down the bike, just letting go of the throttle helps you considerably slow down the bike. Its about maintaining the momentum, the more you save momentum the more you save on fuel.

-Right gear shifts and the right RPM: Redlining your RPM in every gear is a sure shot way of reducing your mileage. Its fun, but bad for efficiency. Shift at the right RPM’s and always be in the right gear for your speed.

It might not exactly be fun biking controlling the throttle, but hey with the ever increasing fuel prices a little bit of practice can save you from that extra fuel stop.

Do tell us any techniques or suggestions that you think or do that help’s increase the mileage of your bike.

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  1. pT

    Hi Friends,
    i have Hero honda cbz extreme and his mileage above 70-80. amazing na ? i cant also believe but ya it real for confirmation see my monthly riding rpm meter count.

    576 km / 7 Ltr = 82 Mi

    Interesting na. its all about Servicing and maintain bike on road.

  2. saurabh

    I have pulsar 220 3 years old
    n I got 42+ per liter

  3. Pavithran

    My splendor has gotting only 50kms .is carburetor is not good?

  4. debabrata

    MY CBZ XTREME ATFT 150 get me 30-32 in city and 38-42 in long…poor mileage… :( i follow all above rules and check part and service my bike regularly..i use elf synthetic oil…
    any body can help me…

    • debabrata

      cbz xtreme atft (2010)

  5. Maheshn

    i have GLX victor 2006 bike.
    n im getting 25 to 30 km mailage in city..
    Plzzzzz suggest me How to increase my bike mailage..

    • sultan

      I can tell you by looking at your mileage I can sense that the carburetor fit on you bike is not of TVS it might be Pulser’s , please do check with carburetor

  6. ambady

    my bike is better mileage 50-55 km/l my plusar 220 f in six month

  7. suresh

    For Better milage.
    1. Good Petrol form trusted station
    2. Maintain your carburator / Tuned on digital RPM meter or AF meter
    3. Stock Airfilter – Clean
    4. Spark Plug – Clean
    5. Chain / Sprocket / right tension and regular lubrication / every 500 Kms
    6. Stock Tyre size and right pressure
    7. De carbonize once every 15000 Kms (De-carbonizing is very simple. you need to mix 200ml of carbonizing oil to 1-ltr petrol and run).
    8. Good driving habits.

  8. Omkar Danekari

    I hv CBF STUNNER and 2010 and i getting avg of 30-32 in city and hardly 40 to highways. So plzzzzzzzz help me to improve it.

  9. Omkar Danekari

    I hv CBF STUNNER 2010 model. I getting avg of hardly 30-32 in city and hardly 40 on highways. So plzzzz help me to improve my bike’s acg.

  10. Trishul

    i do like to knw that when to change the engine oil of the bike…????

    • Depending on the type of oil and how old your engine is the engine oil needs to be changed every 2000-5000kms.

  11. Trishul

    I have hero karizma 225cc engine…
    i get upto avrege of 35 to my bike
    how to increse my avrege of my bike please help me….

  12. Jaydeep Shelat

    hi i have CBZ Xtreme Nov-2007 model ,
    its mileage in btwn 45-46 ,
    how to increase mileage…?
    plz i need solution inspite of costly fuel price….

  13. brijesh

    yes it also works on my pulsar 150 i got an average of 55+

  14. Mohit Bhatnagar

    THANKS that will go a long way. I ride Pletina 100cc (2008)…..surely work on that.

  15. Rajashekar aluvoju. Just drive juedishiarly. And you must feel ‘my bike horse. And like friend.

  16. Sudhir J

    I ride Honda Unicorn 150 cc..

    Initially I didn’t used any technique to increase mileage.. that time, mileage was 45 km/l ..

    After findings on internet, I implemented few and tremendously mileage increased to 70+ km/l .. thats outstanding..

    tips from my side
    – warm up for 2 mins.
    – do not race while warm up. keep the engine rpm on 1000.
    – do not race to gain speed.. accelerate smoothly.
    – do not let engine rpm go beyond 3000 before 5th gear.
    – if you wish to stop or turn, do not use breaks.. instead loose the accelerator 100-200 meter before your point of stop or turn. 100-200 meter depends on speed.. if you are going pretty fast.. then 300-400 meters..
    – do not accelerate while overtaking.. if you feel that you cannot overtake, then just back off. and try again till front traffic is less.
    – turn off engine on signals or in traffic jams.
    – change engine oil after 3000-4000 kms.. as recommended.
    – servicing regularly.

    • sujay banik

      THANKS that will go a long way. I ride discover 125…..surely work on that.

    • Hai. Sudhir. Your right. I am also followed this tips in my pulsar. The milage is 55to60 kmpl.

  17. Anand Shankar

    Search for Hyper-miling techniques, there are lot of simple logical ways that we can use to increase mileage..

  18. Vidyadhar

    Every part of the motorcycle is in sync with the rest of it. While tires, rims, and accelerator get noticed, we request further attention towards maintaining a healthy engine with the right grade of lubricant, regular servicing, Clean and efficient spark plugs and no modifications to the exhaust or engine that just blurt out more noise and no action.Of course a tuned Muffler component or a free flow exhaust can do wonders but not every time in every mechanic’s hands.

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