scrambler ducati intermot 2014

The Scrambler Ducati will be unveiled at Intermot 2014. As anticipated, this iconic bike will be presented at the end of the press-only day at the Cologne motorshow, Tuesday, 30 September, 2014. Starting from 6 pm, at the Ducati stand, all members of the press attending Intermot 2014 will finally get the chance to admire the Scrambler. Scrambler Ducati is not a vintage motorcycle: it is, rather, the contemporary interpretation, in post-heritage style, of the legendary bike produced in the 1970s, exactly as if Ducati had never stopped producing it.

With the Scrambler, Ducati has created a whole new world: this bike is all about freedom of expression, fun and sharing, which is why Scrambler Ducati is on all the major social networks. The new bike is on Instagram ( This popular photograph-based network will soon see the publication of a series of artistic impressions featuring the Scrambler and some of the project’s technical and creative staff members. Every day, up to September 30, an image with a protagonist and a detail of the bike will be posted, all in perfect Scrambler style. The Scrambler will be on sale in Ducati Dealerships starting from early 2015.