Honda CBR 150R

  • Manufacturer:
  • Make:
    CBR 150R
  • CC:
  • Horse Power:
    17.6 HP
  • Top Speed:
    140 kmph
  • Price Delhi:
    INR: 1,16,385/-

The Honda CBR 150R is here. It looks familiar and is probably one of Honda’s more aggressive moves to take a more prominent stand in the India motorcycles market. We saw it first at the Auto Expo 2012 and it suddenly raised a lot of interesting questions. A certain 150 cc motorcycle, now, suddenly had competition from what probably is its only equal competitor. The CBR 150R much like the CBR 250R takes in design cues from the VFR 1200 and on-road you could almost mistake the CBR 150/250 for each other. But then, the similarity ends there. So then, how good is the CBR 150R? Read on.

Engine and Performance

The CBR 150R is powered by a light 149.4 cc engine with double overhead camshafts and 4 valves. Add to that the short stroke engine and quite expectedly the CBR 150R rev’s easy and high. This 150 picks up speed quite fast and moves on to a speedo indicated top speed of 140 kmph and in fact we actually touched 144kmph on slight down slope. The Honda PGM-Fi system has definitely made its presence felt on this bike with absolutely no knocking even at a 22 kmph in 3rd gear and it pulled away pretty much cleanly, pretty good considering that this 150 has its peak torque of 12.6 Nm coming in at a high 8.5 k RPM. Yes it is a little bit of a slouch in the city, but like we said, keep the RPM’s high and this bike will fly. The rev-limiter cuts in softly at 11.5K and we say softly because it is really soft. The gearbox is pretty sharp and even after pushing the bike all morning the shifts were still smooth and confident. An interesting point was the very tall 5th gear and it took its time to hit the limiter. The zero to hundred comes up in a healthy ~11.5 seconds, not bad by any standards. Keep your shifts at 10.5k RPM and you will hit speeds that will put almost all other 150’s to shame. The engine will cruise easily all day at 90-100Kmph at about 7.5 — 8 k RPM in top gear.

Look and Feel and Build Quality

Depending on how you look at it, the close resemblance to its elder sibling might be an advantage or not. We personally feel the CBR 150R looks more proportional than its elder brother. The alloys and the engine case get the black treatment and it definitely looks good. The body, the tyres all jell together quite well. The bike feels compact, light and fast. The build quality is definitely on par with what you would expect from a Honda. Panels are good with decent finish and no panel gaps. The exhaust has a nice short stubby design and a rather decent bassy exhaust note. The one thing that we are really disappointed with is the cheap switch gear. Both seats (rider and pillion) are quite soft and comfortable, and in particular the pillion seat is really comfortable with very usable rear grabs rails. Surprisingly the bike comes with the normal chain set, one would usually expect a O-ring or the better off X ring set on a premium motorcycle.

Handling and Braking

Swing your leg over the CBR 150R and you immediately notice how light the bike is. Your legs take a rather sporty stance and you lean forward to a rather aggressive riding position. Start moving and you realise its ever so easy to manoeuvre the CBR 150R. Go a bit aggressive into a corner and you get quite a lot of confidence from the bike, with it silently urging you to push harder. The perimeter frame and the firm suspensions keep you planted on the tarmac but we wish it had stickier rubbers as the stock MRF’s seem quite hard. The stock tyres will definitely go the distance but definitely not an enthusiast’s choice. We did not experience much nose dive and the CBR 150R did not loose it’s composure even on very hard braking. In short the bike handles like a gem and the 276 mm front disc coupled with the 220 mm rear disc do a very good job at stopping you in hurry, a bit spongy but nothing to complain about.

Accessories and Key features

The CBR 150R comes standard with an orange backlit digital meter which is clear and bright and shows basic information like the fuel tank status, turn indicators, speed, odometer, temperature and an analogue tachometer. The CBR 150R comes with very basic tool kit with just two spanners and a screwdriver. Like we said earlier the switch gear quality is a disappointment and misses out the two things that we think are quite important, a pass switch and an engine kill switch. Similar to its elder brother you can lock the handle to only one side, the left. Tubeless tyres are standard on the bike and are definitely an advantage. Check out the part by part gallery of the CBR 150R for more detailed photographs.

Value for Money

The CBR 150R gave us a pretty decent mileage of 40 kmpl even after hard riding. We got a maximum of 48 kmpl on the highway and obviously that number will go up if you can go easy on the throttle and keep it below the 7.5k RPM range, but that’s not going to be easy on this bike. We still have not got hold of the parts catalogue so we cannot comment yet on the cost of spares but it definitely would be practically priced. Now at this point, the regular chain and hard stock tyres might look good as these are a bit easier on the pocket from a maintenance point of view. But then again an open normal chain might actually backfire unless regularly maintained.

Final Verdict

The Honda CBR 150R is more of an all-rounder than a purpose built motorcycle. It performs very well under different scenarios and would be more of a choice to people looking for a motorcycle that can do it all with minimum fuss. The stock set up that the bike comes with definitely suggests the same. To be honest, with a premium pricing of Rs 1,16,385 (ex-showroom) for the Standard and Rs. 1,17,385 (ex-showroom) for the Deluxe variant, it does miss out on some things that you pretty much take for granted on a motorcycle that’s priced in this bracket. Yes it’s a tough choice once you are considering your options in the price bracket, but the all-rounder capability mixed with a touch of practicality definitely gives it a competitive edge.

Specifications Sheet
Design Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves
Displacement 149.4 cm³
Bore 63.5 mm
Stroke 47.2 mm
Torque 12.6 Nm @ 8500 RPM
Power 13.1 Kw (17.6 BHP) @ 10,500 RPM
Starting aid Electric starter
Transmission 6-speed
Cooling system Liquid cooled
Clutch Constant Mesh – Wet sump
Frame Twin Tube Diamond (Pentagon type)
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Shock absorber Linked type Monoshock
Brake system Front Disc brake with two piston brake caliper
Brake system Rear Disc brake with one piston brake caliper
Brake discs – diameter front 276 mm
Brake discs – diameter rear 220 mm
Chain Regular
Wheel base 1,305 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded) 190 mm
Seat height (unloaded) 793 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 13 l Normal unleaded petrol
Kerb Weight 138kg
Battery 12 Volt 6 Amp maintenance free
Head lights 12V 60/55 W H4

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  1. sandeep

    hey plz help me to choose a I am confused between cbr150 &r15 plz tell me whichi is the best bike for the value of money..
    I am waiting for ur reply

  2. Pratik Newalkar

    Hey i am confused to buy a bike my first choise is CBR150 R and second is R15 tell me which is good one and am not a stunt rider i don’t want max speed like 130-150kph

    For me around 100 kph is fine but i want good meilage bike i always ride bike in 30-60 kph not more than that so tell me which is best bike for that segment and tell me which is low mentainance bike among them is CBT150,R15 or rest any other bike and it meilage first

    • Dr. Mudit Saxena

      Conversation started November 16
      Srujan Malladi
      11/16, 12:58am
      Srujan Malladi
      Hey Bro, i want some info about honda cbr 150r bike.. i saw ur comment on iamabiker website hence im messaging u, i know u own a cbr 150.. im confused between cbr and ktm duke 200.. so im here fr ur suggestion can u help me out..??
      Srujan Malladi
      11/25, 11:08pm
      Srujan Malladi
      Hey Bro, i want some info about honda cbr 150r bike.. i saw ur comment on iamabiker website hence im messaging u, i know u own a cbr 150.. im confused between cbr and ktm duke 200.. so im here fr ur suggestion can u help me out..??
      Dctor Mudit Saxena
      Hi Pratik,
      I have purchased Honda CBR 150R in last year 2012; still my bike has been giving the mileage of 45-48 kmpl.
      It cost the amount of 1.36 Laces on purchase & maintenance of this bike is quite under budget (approx. Rs. 600-700 per free service) and after that paid service is costing the amount of Rs. 1000 per paid service.
      Bike is really good…….6-speed pick-up is awesome, you can touch the speed of 28kmph in first gear only……top speed of this bike is 173kmph; I have run out my bike for 145kmph till now.
      Sitting arrangement on this bike is on relaxable mode; your pillion seater be comfortable while you ride CBR 150 on rough route.
      so my bro….If you’re really looking for a bike for good mileage, impressive & under budget maintenance……just go for CBR 150R.
      as I have observed, R15 is giving the mileage around 25-30 kmpl, cost is approx Rs. 1.10 laces, even the maintenance of this bike is gone beyond Rs. 1000 per service.
      Choice is yours
      Dr. Mudit

    • Dr. Mudit Saxena

      Hi Pratik,
      I have purchased Honda CBR 150R in last year 2012; still my bike has been giving the mileage of 45-48 kmpl.
      It cost the amount of 1.36 Laces on purchase & maintenance of this bike is quite under budget (approx. Rs. 600-700 per free service) and after that paid service is costing the amount of Rs. 1000 per paid service.
      Bike is really good…….6-speed pick-up is awesome, you can touch the speed of 28kmph in first gear only……top speed of this bike is 173kmph; I have run out my bike for 145kmph till now.
      Sitting arrangement on this bike is on relaxable mode; your pillion seater be comfortable while you ride CBR 150 on rough route.
      so my bro….If you’re really looking for a bike for good mileage, impressive & under budget maintenance……just go for CBR 150R.
      as I have observed, R15 is giving the mileage around 25-30 kmpl, cost is approx Rs. 1.10 laces, even the maintenance of this bike is gone beyond Rs. 1000 per service.
      Choice is yours
      Dr. Mudit

    • Arjun

      better than r15 in every aspects(except looks)

    • Arjun

      45-50+ mileage…



    • Pratik Newalkar

      But i heard that cbr150 gives maximum 40 kmpl meilage

  4. Amit M

    Recent news is Honda cmng up with CBR 300R WHICH WILL obsolete 250R. 300R is already launched in China and next is India. Person at showroom also mentioned that they are goana stop CBR 150R production. I doubt this as if this happens then there is no competition to R15.

  5. Amit M

    Thanks a bunch for the reviews but this post is confusing or I read it too fast. I was planning to get CBR150R this diwali but there are news around tht CBR150R is goaana get a upgrade with Pass On light and a Kick. Not sure how much true it is I called Honda Company’s office and I explained them my situation and a tie with R15 when I have two options in 150cc sector. He patiently listened to me and said that he already kind of got this feedback from many bikers which he had fw to management and its all about company policy and guidelines. I kept on explaining to him that price diff of 8to10K bet CBR and R15 is not justificable and thts why Honda got to come up with these upgrades ASAP. Asked him about the upgrade too but he seems to have no info about it or he did not want to reveal. Finally I told him that I am a traditional Honda customer (which I am) and not providng small things like these that too at high price compared to its competitors Honda is not just losing its business but it is pushing its customers to Yamaha especially in 150cc high end bikes category. Also told him that me too now thinking of R15 strongly instead of waiting for these upgrades. After this he asked me to wait until end of the year but could not give me any promise that upgrade will come.
    Do you have any idea aobut it?

    • Honda and Yamaha are well-known to keep a tight lid on developments and launches. Infact, it might surprise you to know that most dealers and officials also get to know things only post launch of a vehicle.
      As for the CBR150R upgrades, once we get good material on it we will publish an article on our site. We don’t appreciate gossips and rumors on inadequate material. So do keep an eye open for the latest from us.

  6. sai ramana

    I rode cbr150r and yamaha r15v2.0 for an hour in hyderabad city traffic .really cbr is better than has better riding gave me an average of 43kmpl.i attained 98 as my top speed.friends I rec9mmend u to buy cbr .definetely it will satisfy u.

  7. Sanjeev Thakur

    i want to purchase a new cbr150r it is right or wrong my height is 162 cm

  8. amlan ghosh

    i m totally confused btwn cbr 150 r and r15.WHICH will be best for look,millage,top speed?my height is 5’8″ and slim figure,cbr 150 r will suit with me???pls reply.thank u..

    • Hi Amlan, both bikes return similar mileage numbers with the CBR150R giving a slightly better number. Top speed are pretty much similar for both the bikes. Looks is all up to you and we recommend you go ahead and take a test ride of both the bikes at a showroom near you to decide what suits your style and needs better.

  9. acids

    thnx…i tried pulsor 220 once..but one of my leg was close to the ground but not touching it…wil i hav same problem wid r15v2 or wil a nice shoe wud cover it…

  10. acids

    hi im 5’3” tall…can i ride r15 v2 comfortably with both feet on the ground or sud i go wid cbr 150r… pls help …planning 2 buy urgently

    • yup both bikes would be fine :)

    • acids

      thnx…i tried pulsor 220 once…but one of my leg was close to the ground but not touching it… wud i hav same problem with r15v2 or wud a nice shoe wud cover it…

  11. raj

    i am 5’3 height can i ride comfortably

  12. manoj

    i bought new cbr 150 it’s fentastic

  13. SAM

    i am 6’1 tall boy…
    does ths bike suit me well plzzz reply :)

    • yes it will, of-course you will look big on the bike, but you will fit just fine. Do take a test ride to know how to know for sure :)

  14. RAhul

    i am really worried about the maintenance !!
    about to get the beast …… hope it dosent proves costly !

  15. Sarvesh

    Hey guys,
    I own CBR 150r for around year now and i have crossed 5000km mark,
    And i can tell u this machine is great …. You can easily touch 100km/hr in 3rd gear …. It runs like anything … forget torque and everything … these are just paper values …. buy it and You will see the difference :)

    • Arjun

      100km/hr in 3rd gear,its impossible…..

    • Amair

      can you tell me the maintenance cost of CBR parts, i mean the indicators n other it costly or average
      thanks to let me know

  16. Raja

    I heard that CBR 150 have no pass switch . Is it true? And also I want to know the amp of battery of cbr 150.

  17. Abhirup Bakshi

    i want to know how can i mordified my bike cbr150r i have already installed a DRAG REX silenser air filter cap is open & there is some little spocketing which is 42/15 & it was 43/15 after all this my 0 to 100 is comming in 10.25sec and top is comming 149 So what r the extra things i can do plz suggest me how can i improove my top end @ initial after this & what r the things i do have to instal or do Plz suggest me friends…………. i want my top more………………

  18. Chetan

    I am planning to buy CBR 150R. I have done a test ride and found the bike to be good. The only big disappointment to me was the switch gear. Is it possible to change the switch gear of the bike after the warranty period. Any idea.

  19. Dhilip

    I going to buy cbr 150.. But i have big confusion between colours.. Here near my native orange with white and black with white both colors only available.. So please help me to choose one colour among there two.. Please..

  20. syamaprasad

    am the owner of cbr 150r but it dissPointed me. it is strugling to reach a speed of 90kmph in the top gear. am not using the bike in highways and the time of first servce is not reached is these are the reasons for poor performance…..??? will it give more power in future??

    • Hi Syamprasad, the CBR150 has its peak power delivery in RPM’s above 7500, so in order to reach a higher speed, we suggest gear shifts at higher RPM’s and keeping the RPM’s high for optimum power delivery.

  21. syamaprasad

    am the owner of cbr 150r but it disapointed me…because…it is strugling to reach a speed of 90km/hr…in the top not using the bike in hughways and the frst servce period is not reached…
    is these are the reason for the poor performnace ? will it give more power in the future?

    • Raghav

      Dear Syamaprasad,
      Basically any new machine u cannot expect to reach to 90 becoz its just a new one which u have, wait for a mnths time..ull see the diffrences.

  22. syamaprasad

    am the owner of cbr 150r..
    it dissapointed me….5 dayz befre i purchased the having poor performance it was strugling to reach 90 km/hr… am not riding the bike in highways….the time of frst servce is not reached…
    is that is the reason for the poor perfrmnce..
    will it give gud performnce in future…

  23. Shreyas Khamkar

    superb bike planing to buy this best configuration honda keep up

  24. Louis Crawley

    I purchased my CBR 150. In 2011 the first one sold in chonburi
    I’d orderd the 250.
    To my disappointment the 250 I’d ordered had been sold
    I looked at the 150 with a very critical outlook
    I decided to buy it it was only 74.000 Thai ฿
    It was the best choice I could of ever made the power excellent for Asia I’ve reached top speeds of 154 kph well the speedo says so
    I ride a C BR 1100 x x
    In the uk and owned since 1998
    All I can say. Is I’d love to have this in the uk
    My opinion it’s purfect for comfort carrying weight and does the distance with fuel economy that seems to last forever

    • donny drangleheart

      this is an indian website you dingus.

  25. syam prasad

    am gng to bok cbr 150r… whn cmorng wth r15 i thnk cbr 150r z bttr..

  26. Prasanth

    did anyone changed their cbr 150’s air filter ,if so pls refer a better one,,,,,pls i am in search of a better one…..!

  27. Debojit

    can u tel me d top sped of cbr 150r…..

  28. Gopikrishnan

    can i put cbr 250r tyres in 150r..?
    Its much larger and i think v get much confidence in corners…
    Also the back tyre is big but i think its small portion only touch down..
    Thats y i feel some less brakes.. Wat u feel guys..? I felt lyk dat..

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhiyil

      The factory tyre which is coming with the bike is providing enough grip . The same tyre is coming in R15 also . You can put more big tyre, but it will affect the fuel economy and performance of the machine.

    • sakthivel

      I dont think you could do that. BTW, 150 tyres are awesome and pretty confident in corners..

  29. Gopikrishnan

    thanks.. But adding these will affect battery..?

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhiyil

      LEDs will not drink much battery power … Then the XENON HID has its own power adapter … So it will consume less power than normal halogen…

  30. Gopikrishnan

    hai am having a cbr 150r and i passed ma 2nd service and i am looking 2 change my switch gear.. Could anyone suggest me a better one that looks better and have much good quality…
    Get me on fb @ gopikrishnan ambalapuzha

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      If you do any modification in wiring or exhaust, the warranty will void. I was also planned to change the switchgears with P200NS then I got this information from honda customer care. Now I did some other fittings

      (1) Roots central lock & anti theft system
      (2) Quadruple LEDs in park lamp
      (3)8000 K Milky white xenon head lamp
      (4) Additional LED turn signal lights
      (5) Powerful horn from MINDA – 2 nos

      You can see my babe in FB
      my profile – Jomin Dolges

  31. Hi…….I really love to ride my CBR 150r & bring out the mileage of 47km/litre……..just believe me.
    but make sure the bike should be on one hand ride.

    Mudit (Muddy), Delhi

    • Gopikrishnan

      hw did u found out the milage..?
      It doent have a reserve and willnt start with one litre..

    • We put in a full tank, did our review and filled it up again, found out the amount of fuel used.

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil


      You are right dude. This machine is will get damaged if many people use it . I m also getting a fuel economy of 43-47 kmpl

  32. gokul

    IN todays market–.ktm duke 200 & honda cbr 150 r– .are the prices same..
    and does cbr 150r have an ABS option !!

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      CBR 150 doesn’t have ABS option. There are 2 models available for 150R, Normal and Deluxe. The difference between these two is only color and stickers.

      CBR 250R is having and ABS option

  33. Akshay pawar

    I hve cbr 150R and it is giving milage of 42.5 km/l in city .

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil


  34. jaswanth

    which is best in mileage and performance R15 or CBR 150………….. 1st preference for mileage

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      Go for CBR

  35. althaf

    please inform me about exact mileage of HONDA CBR 150R In city and highway..please,,i want to know urgent..

    • Expect around 38 in city a and close to 45 in highways..

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      I am getting 37-40 in city and 43-47 in highway … I am not a rash rider … Most of the time my babe is at 50-60 kmph ….

  36. Mani

    I planned to buy a CBR150R but i don’t have much experience in riding the bike rather i must say i m beginner… is it good to go for this bike at this stage?


  37. nitin

    tell me the fuel average of cbr 150

  38. Arnab Sarkar

    Is it possible to replace switch panel in CBR150 with pulsar 135cc switch panel or any other bike switch panel which has pass by and killer switch and others also? Because I want the pass by and killer switch which is not present in CBR150. Will it be possible to make all of the switches work after changing.Thanx in advance.

    • Hi Arnab,

      Although we have not tried it your best bet for a switch gear match is from the elder sibling the CBR250R. The wiring harness might be similar and you could would need to do minimal extra modifications. Do check it out and let us know :)

    • Arnab Sarkar

      actually cbr250 switch board is tooo costly.. :( that costs around 5000!can u imagine?thats why i was looking for another options..bajaj parts or hero parts..those price are less.. :)

    • ah.. it definitely would be possible but there are so many factors that need to be considered, handle bar thickness, wiring harness and most importantly its the matter of it being reliable :) better to spend the money and have piece of mind than do jugaad and be in tension always :)

    • Arnab Sarkar

      your are absolutely i think before 1yr i cant change the parts.. :( bcoz then i’ll not get the free i right or there is any other way?can you plz suggest?

  39. tapas

    The torque is too low(only 12Nm??? like a 100cc bike), so the acceleration will be low also.

    • Mcm Bikez Bangalore

      Yeah buddy Acceleration is the weakest link for CBR 150 apart from that that bike is great, it beats ZMR & RTR 180 but fails to beat R15.

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      In low RPMs , you will feel some lack of power. But you will get this additionaly once you cross 60kmph.

  40. Mandeep

    Hey guys………
    i’m planing to buy a Honda CBR150r……..
    may i know the performance , mileage , top speed………
    i must travel almost 50kms per day……….
    is this bike suitable for that distance????????????

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      Performance is very good. I am getting a fuel economy of 40-46 kmpl , depends on the traffic and road.

  41. avi

    superb … well according to it looks it looking awesome. awesome picture …. like it…

  42. cbr 150r is awsome bike than r15 duke and cbr 250r cbr 150r nice bike casey stoner sat on that bike.

    • Tej

      wat a loser…ha ha

  43. david

    Hi i’m a short guy, 5″4 1/2 in height. Can i ride this bike CBR 150r on a daily basis for commuting, will my feet touch the ground to balance especially in traffic?

    • yes you can ride that bike…

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      When you ride CBR you will not feel the weight of the bike, because of the perimeter frame and the design … My wife is riding my bike easily and she is only 5.2″ height and weight of 43 kg …

  44. Viplav kalra

    I want to know which bike should i buy among these 3
    1) cbr 150r
    2) duke 200
    3) r15
    i have to drive 40 km a day so i want a bike with GOOD MILEAGE & comfort
    please specify the mileage of these 3 bikes in city

    • Hi Viplav

      From the tests we have done both the CBR 150R and R15 returned about the same at around 40-45kmpl.
      The Duke200 under normal riding gave us about 35-38kmpl. While under hard riding gave us 28kmpl.


      For you my friend it is advisable that you go with KTM Duke 200, its nice, sporty and has a hunk look and that too with comfort as it has an up straight sitting position and the fuel efficiency is also good in its class i.e. about 38 kmpl – 42 kmpl.

    • Viplav kalra

      I’M 6’2” TALL so should i buy cbr150 or duke 200 [ not r15 its a short bike ]

    • Ah… that’s quite the deciding factor, similar to the R15 you will feel a bit cramped on the CBR150. Having faced this ourselfs, the KTM would be your best bet :)

  45. Shekhar


    I’m 6ft tall & my weight is 77 Kgs. I was keen on buying R15 V2.0 but the bike doesn’t suit me. Do tall guys like look good riding a CBR150R?

    • yes always….. R15 is feels short when u seat on the bike.. CBR 150R will suit u.. but try it ur nearest showroom…

  46. hello iambiker,
    plz plz tell me the exact mileage of cbr 150r for regular city ridng condition???
    and is it relly ok to invest such 1.3lakh into this bike??
    and wat about its maintenance??? will it cost more me afterwords??
    but plz tell me mileage for city riding condition??

    • Hi Swapnil, we got a mileage 44 kmpl in city conditions.

    • really is it?? and is this bike is VALUE FOR MONEY???

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil

      44 kmpl is a decent fuel economy for a sports bike …

  47. Vicky

    nice review…. i had a doubt that if i can get switches changed 4m cbr 250r to 150r?? m planning to take 150… thanks in advance:-) waiting 4 reply…!!

    • Hi Vicky,

      Well it is possible, we have not tried it though, but if the wiring harnesses are a match it would be a direct fit.

  48. Arpith

    I am confused between the Duke 200, R15 Version 2.0, CBR 150R, Bullet 500 and CBR 250R. I am a young professional looking for a bike that can give me good fuel economy, looks stunning, is good at handling, easy for beginner-level riders and is good for every day commute (about a distance of 50 KMs in total). I have test-ridden each bike (other than the Bullet 500 and CBR 150R) and love each one of them since they all cater to different aspects of a rider’s needs. All I can think of right now is………. HELP!

  49. Isaac

    hi amabiker…
    I really need your help in knowing the best one in this segment.
    As you always says, I understand that test riding is a good option.
    But I am not in a favourable place to do that now.
    Please recommend me one, among duke200, r15, cbr 150r, zmr.
    I am a daily commuter and ofcource there will be a pillionaire.
    And I require Adequate mileage.
    Quality and Longivity.
    Affordable maintenance
    I am ready to sacrifice some performance.., to get an allrounder.

    • Just by the mention of the word pillion the list comes down to the ZMR and the CBR 150R, the pillion comfort in the other bikes are not good. For comfortable daily commute the ZMR has the most relaxed riding position, in case of maintenance both have similar costs with the ZMR having a little bit difficulty for the spares to come by.

    • Vinay Vidyasagar

      If you are looking for quality, longevity and mileage with low maintenance, these are the ones to avoid – KTM & ZMR – ZMR Spares are really expensive.

      Your best option would be a CBR 150R or an R15…
      CBR’s spares are really cheap and service centers are excellent. I have owned a 250R so i Know – One of he best techs in town – Zeeshan works on the CBRs

    • Jomin Dolges Kakkuzhyil


      go for CBR and TASTE THE FIRST BLOOD…. :-)

      You will get enough power, style and riding comfort

      You can trust the HONDA

  50. I Am Confused Between R15 And CBR150R,I Know u will suggest me to go for test ride…i have test ride both the bikes.and love dem both,but sumwhere i chose cbr over r15 due to presence of grab rails….Can u tell me which one will cost me more in terms of maintainence???
    and also how can i take care of chains as it is open unlike cbz xtreme which has a chain pocket.

    • Hi Ajay,
      In terms of regular servicing the costs are going to be pretty much similar.

      To keep the chain in proper working condition, you will need to lubricate it every 400 – 500kms.

  51. naukihs

    good reviews of the 150cc version. I guess you are the only site that does that. Looking forward to your reviews of the pulsar 200ns when launched!!

  52. SHYAM

    iam going to buy a new bike.
    which among the one you suggest in case on maintenance, comfort and mileage..
    1. rtr 150
    2. fazer
    3. cbr 150
    4. hunk

    waiting for your reply

    • Hi Shyam,

      Actually it really comes down to you. We would really suggest that you give all the above said bikes a teat ride and then decide.

  53. Isaac

    Nice introductory review and very good wallpapers.
    Please can you help me know that which is best among r15 and 150r and also Duke 200, in daily practical conditions.

    • Joe

      R15 is designed for race tracks … Bcoz of its riding position , it is not so easy to ride in city traffic. Better you can test ride all of these three machines and choose one …

    • Ashish Shetty

      chk motoring magazine july 2012 drag results

      1/4 Mile Shootout Results..Official Quarter Mile Shootout [Page 27 ]MOTORING JULY 2012 ISSUE[KTM DUKE 200, HONDA CBR150R & YAMAHA YZF-R15] KTM 200 105 KM/H,HONDA CBR 150 R 92 KM/H & YAMAHA YZF-R15 103 KM/H

  54. Joe

    I gt my red babe on last monday, 30th Apr …..

  55. Abhijay

    Hey I am Going To Buy A Bike I Know Cbr150r Is Lot Better Than R15 In Comfort , Performance , Mileage , Quality And It’s Honda ;) But I Am Confused Between That Should I Go With Cbr150r Or Any Other Bike In That Price Segment
    Thanks :)

    • Rajslayed46

      {Hey I am Going To Buy A Bike I Know Cbr150r Is Lot Better Than R15 In Comfort , Performance , Mileage , Quality And It’s Honda ;) But I Am Confused Between That Should I Go With Cbr150r Or Any Other Bike In That Price Segment}

      Sorry mate correct yourself…The R15 is better in terms of performs as it gives more power within 10k RPM & built quality. CBR should be revved hard and to be kept at 9 – 11 RPM to keep up with R15’s speed and CBR is better for comfort and Mileage.

    • Zeus-Primal Agony

      u are wrong…CBR 150R is better in comfort but has very poor acceleration till 100 kmph…r15 accelerates brutely and has got better performance than cbr 150r (has 2.44 nm more torque than cbr 150r but 0.56ps less cbr 150r)but has less comfort for pillion rider. put it straight dude

  56. Imtiaz Zafar

    I am soon to buy this bike… wouldn’t have bought the R15… way too common these days…
    Was confused between CBR 250R and CBR 150R… Dont have much biking experience… and hence found cbr 150R a better choice… (cornering is better in 150r than 250r…better handling, I’ d say…)
    All I wanted to know… is it possible for me upgrade the tyres to better ones?? and the stock chain to a better one??
    if yes…then what tyres do u suggest?? and what chain do u suggest??
    if no…then sad for me!!
    awaiting reply eagerly…thanks,mate… :)

    • Hi Imtiaz,

      Definitely the CBR 150R is a better handler. Changing the tyres is not a big deal, you could check out the ‘Pirelli sports demon’ for the rear. We are not sure of it yet as its too early to have tried it, but we think the stock R15 tyres would do wonders on this bike.

      About the chain, I think you understood us wrong about the chain, the stock chains are not bad by any means, just that, we expected a premium product to come with the market standard chain in this category. It will not hamper your performance in anyway, regular maintenance as with any chain would keep it fine.

    • Ashish Shetty

      chk motoring magazine july 2012 drag results

      1/4 Mile Shootout Results..Official Quarter Mile Shootout [Page 27 ]MOTORING JULY 2012 ISSUE[KTM DUKE 200, HONDA CBR150R & YAMAHA YZF-R15] KTM 200 105 KM/H,HONDA CBR 150 R 92 KM/H & YAMAHA YZF-R15 103 KM/H

  57. veer

    hay guys ” iam want to purchase new bike. iam confuse with r15 , pulser220 and honda cbr150r. which bike is suitable for me. can anybody give me suggesation.

    • sony

      R15 anytime for the looks and ride quality. plus the daytona makes it a trail blazer

    • Hi Veer,

      Deciding on a new bike is indeed confusing times, we suggest the best way for you to decide is by going for test rides of all the three and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

    • Ashish Shetty

      all the above…better cut out pulsar220 its very outdated

  58. jenu

    dont buy this now,,bcoz i took the first delivery and theere are peoblems to my raidator fan and spindle comp gear shift and these parts are not yet available..

  59. Thanks to your review I heard about Ananda Honda. Super-courteous staff, and they let me ride the bike solo for as long as I wanted. Now I think I’m the FIRST R15 owner to book the CBR150R!! Thanks IAmABiker! :) :)

    • Our pleasure :)

    • Zeus-Primal Agony

      epic fail…no offense but r15 is better in performance with its mindblowing acceleration from 0-130 kmph…honda is lame and should be revved very hard and frequent gear shifts to be done…degrade for u…happy biking

  60. Dinesh Kumar

    The pics are awesome. The review is nice and short and to the point with no beating around the bush. Since this bike is mainly targeted to lock horns with the R15, it would be better if guys can come with a comparo study as to which is the fastest and the best bearing in mind the handling, braking, fuel efficiency, build quality, etc. I started noticing this site just recently since you guys posted the spy shots of the new Apache. The site has a very fresh and distinguished look unlike the other sites I regularly visit. Great job. All the best. :)

  61. nishant

    it give me confidence to buy CBR 150R.i was reviewing bike from last 15 days from internet.this review is very good
    i much conscious abt mileage.will it give consistent mileage?
    is chain need regular maintenance? “open normal chain might actually backfire unless regularly maintained”
    plz send some more reviews on given mail id if possible
    thank you.

  62. rahulbarik

    Its mentioned in the review that it has a perimeter frame… It doesn’t have have a perimeter frame… Its a normal diamond frame (like fz) with a cover on top of the frame to make it look like a perimeter frame…. And are you sure about that linked type rear monoshocker? AFAIK its a normal one… Correct me if i am wrong…. This bike has a gem of an engine…, a good pillion pillion seat and comfartable riding posture… Apart from these the bike is complete waste…total substandard quality product from honda….the fit and finish is way way below competition…poor quality everywhere….and shiny cheap plastics… Honda is arrogant… R15 has much much better quality… Dont evn compare the quality…. Honda only sells because of thier engines

    • Joel

      the look and build category is given 4/5..!!!
      i think it must have good quality plastic fibres

    • Joe

      Plastic and paint quality is fine … Honda has to increase the foot peg rubber quality and switch gears … these two things are taken from stunner only …

  63. Congrats on writing the FIRST EVER CBR150R review!! :) Yes, the review WAS a little short and sweet. I’m thrilled that you mentioned separate reviews for each type of riding. Cheers and kudos! Looking forward to a lot more good stuff from the boys at \m/\m/

  64. harish

    Silly question but does it have an engine kill switch and what is the quality of switchgears used.

    • Hi Harish,

      Sadly no engine kill switch and switchgear quality not at par with competition.

  65. Joel

    The review seems rather basic compared to the review of KTM..
    Is another detailed review coming?

    • Yup, after feedback from the previous review, we have separated the basic review from the track/stunt/off-road and commuter review. Individual reviews for the same will be up soon.

  66. Shivank

    No mention of the R15 anywhere in the write-up…I am a bit surprised!

    • it is a basic review of CBR150R Shivank. We will get you a comparo of both later. :)

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