In a rare occurrence in the Indian two-wheeler industry, two major manufacturers are going head to head over an advertisement spat. The industry is presently witnessing the TVS-Bajaj row over an allegedly false advertisement published by Bajaj. TVS has dragged them to court on account of disparagement of their rival’s product for sales promotion. The issue was taken to the Madras High Court a week ago, and the court has extended a ban on the advertisement for two weeks until they look into the nitty-gritty of the issue and come to a resolution.

In response to this lawsuit, Bajaj put out a press release yesterday and have made their stance clear. They have said that they would detail their pleadings in support of their product and did not undertake any efforts in disparaging or denigrating their rival’s product. Bajaj had based their advertisement on customers’ experiences as disclosed to them and are fictitious in no way. They will defend their stance when summoned in court.

TVS and Bajaj in legal battle

The fracas started when Bajaj released an advertisement comparing their CT 100B model with the popular four-stroke TVS XL 100 moped. Bajaj clearly stated the edge their CT 100B had over its competitor in terms of data concerning the fuel economy that was acquired from consumers via a detailed feedback. The mileage is the most important factor after price in the entry-level motorcycle market, and Bajaj positioned the CT 100B as superior in this regard. TVS have been clearly infuriated with this claim, and took matters to the court to file a lawsuit.

The Bajaj CT 100B was largely riding on the success of its predecessor, the CT 100, which had marked a 35% national market share and a whopping 52% share in Tamil Nadu from April to December 2015. It had a theoretical mileage of 99 km/l compared to the road mileage of 67 km/l from the TVS XL 100 (Bajaj took the same from TVS’ website). The CT 100B was priced lower than the former CT 100 and catered to potential moped customers as well.

The all new TVS XL 100 is powered by a 99.7cc four-stroke engine which makes a power of 4.2 PS, with an excellent initial pick up and a top speed of 60 kmph. TVS XL 100 is highly fuel efficient, returning a best in class mileage of 67 kmpl under simulated test conditions as per TVS Motor standards.

The ergonomics of the all new TVS XL 100 have been designed to ensure a more comfortable riding position. Additional features include an easy kick-start, bold style muffler, bigger tank and stainless steel brake cable for effective braking.