The German automobile giant has announced a range of technical updates to its BMW R1200 range of bikes with engines that have a liquid-cooled boxer configuration for 2017. The 2017 BMW R1200 line-up has been updated keeping in mind the widespread changes needed to conform to the Euro4 norms. There are a lot of bikes in the R1200 range – the R1200 RT, R1200 GS/Adventure, R1200 R and R1200 RS, all which are receiving supplementary technical changes to make them compliant with Euro4 noise and emission regulations. As part of the Euro4 changes, all models will be fitted with sidelights.

There are quite a few technical changes to the 2017 BMW R1200 line-up. First off is the addition of a judder damper on the transmission output shaft. Secondly, a revised selector drum actuator, transmission shafts and a transmission shaft bearing has been added. Thirdly, an OBD (on board display) indicator lamp has also been added to the display to meet the Euro4 requirements.

2017 BMW R1200 GS right side

In addition to the changes mentioned above, changes to specific models in the 2017 BMW R1200 line-up are as follows:

1. R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure: BMW has also revised the design of the instrument panel on the R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure. For the model year 2017, the colour Ocean Blue metallic matt is no longer available for the R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure. The ‘Triple Black’ GS, in a nearly all-black finish also returns to the range as a special colour option.

2. BMW R 1200 RT: The R1200 RT will now be available in two new paint finishes ‘Carbon Black metallic’ and ‘Alpine White’. Moreover, the range of optional extras available for the BMW R 1200 RT has been expanded to include the banking-optimised ABS Pro and the dynamic brake light, both of which are in conjunction with the Riding Modes Pro option. The paint finishes Ebony metallic, San Marino Blue metallic are no longer available.

3. BMW R 1200 R: The R 1200 R gets the same changes as the R1200 RT and a new colour in the form of the ‘Racing Red’ option. The ‘Cordoba Blue’ and ‘Light White’ finishes are being discontinued.

4. BMW R 1200 RS: The R1200 RS also gets ABS Pro and the dynamic brake light. Also gone is the ‘Granite Grey metallic matt’ colour scheme which is no longer available.

The 2017 BMW R1200 has been refreshed by BMW with an eye on maintaining technological supremacy and build quality as the main selling points of the range.

2017 BMW R1200 GS images